TampaBay BPW Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors

Tampa Bay BPW Foundation Board of Directors

Left to Right: Sheerin Rahman; Dolores Strait, Denise Coburn; Cindy Maxie, Sandra Mohler; Suzanne Dalton; Bobbie Jean Williams


We are grateful to our current and past board and committee members!


President: Cindy Maxie

Vice President: Dolores Strait

Secretary: Heather L. Brown

Treasurer: Loribel Jacobs

Celia Petters


Non-Voting Members:

Heather L. Brown, Tampa Bay BPW President

Edna Broyles, Advisor


Scholarship Committee:

 Heather Delafield

Dolores Strait



Karen Mertes

Sandy Mohler

Mia Rivero

Virginia Glaiber