Tampa Bay BPW Foundation Networking Night A Success!

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On behalf of the Tampa Bay BPW Foundation, I would like to thank the Networking Night committee and the Scholarship committee for all of their efforts to make our event possible – and also everyone who attended and donated to our worthy cause. You are making a difference…to our scholarship winners…to our community.

We hope you take pride in the fact that you have contributed to not only the education of our scholarship winners, but to actually helping them to change lives- for themselves and their families. We hope to see you at Networking Night 2019!
– Cindy Maxie, President


Credit: Deborah Larned Werner


Congratulations to our Woman of the Year

Jessica Rivelli!

Jessica Rivelli _ Woman of the Year 2018

Learn more about Jessica and Working Women of Tampa Bay


Board of Directors for the foundation:

  • President: Cindy Maxie
  • Vice President: Dolores Strait
  • Secretary: Heather Brown
  • Treasurer: Denise Coburn
  • Directors:
    • Karen Mertes
    • Celia Petters


Networking Night Committee:

  • Cindy Maxie, Co-Chair
  • Heather Brown, Co-chair
  • Celia Petters
  • Denise Coburn
  • Dolores Strait
  • Edna Broyles
  • Heather Delafield
  • Jane Byers
  • Karen Mertes
  • Linda Philipps
  • Loribel Jacobs
  • Rachel Haviland
  • Virginia Glaiber


We gave out $5000 in Scholarships to the following Tampa ladies. Congratulations!

  • Yesica Barrera Benitez
  • Jada Stevens
  • Sandra Quintero
  • Ronnesha Roberts
  • Staci Johnson
  • Kai Lee Su
  • Teeuana Williams