Your Donations at Work!

Thank you for your donations! What a difference made in the lives of nine women. In October 2012, through generous donations to our 2012 Networking Night, the proceeds raised for the Tampa Bay BPW Foundation were awarded to Tampa Bay women as Educational Scholarships.

2-12 Tampa Bay BPW Foundation Scholarship Winners

Nicole Martingano, Amber Robinson, Angelika Zych, Kathy Palmer, Amber Prather, Lisa Stevens, Milisa Taylor and Meeshalle Jackson (Christna Oscar – not pictured)

These women were described by others as persistent, dedicated, energetic, intelligent, driven, determined, responsible, and passionate. The selection Committee found them to be all that and more. Each have overcome personal challenges and are diligently working toward their respective goals of higher education. They each maintain a high GPA; have proven financial need, and a commitment to their education.

THANK YOU for your support that allows the Tampa Bay BPW Foundation to financially support women. We hope you will join us at the next Networking Night, January 20, 2015 where you will have an opportunity to meet these women and other previous scholarship recipients.

Amber Robinson
Amber is in her last year of graduate school at Georgetown Law School. She is working towards taking the Florida Bar Exam, then pursuing litigation. She graduated from Eckerd College “Magna Cum Laude” and received “Eckerd Outstanding Community / Public Service Award”. She received this prestigious award for her volunteer work at the Florida Holocaust Museum, the USF Homeless Outreach Ministry, tutoring within the literature department, and for participating in Eckerd’s Recycling Team. Amber is the first person in her family to finish her four year degree and the first to go to graduate school.

Milisa Taylor
Milisa is balancing being an active member in church, working full time, being a wife and mom to two daughters all while taking nine credit hours in college. She attends Florida College and is working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. Nearly twenty year of being out of school she has decided to pursue a high education. Her goal is to finish her teaching degree and make an impact on the children within her own community. She volunteers at her local church leading young girl’s to learn about missionaries work from all over the world. She likes to help people find the value in themselves and encouragement to those who need it most.

Nicole Martingano
Nicole is a third year student at Stetson University of Law working towards her Juris Doctorate degree, expect May 2013. Nicole is a young woman whose life and career path was dramatically altered when she endured traumatic brain injury among other life threating injuries in February 2006 when her car was hit head on by a severely intoxicated driver. This has not stopped her as she works tirelessly to reach her goal each and every day to graduate. Her brain injury may have slowed her down but gave her more determination than ever to get her law degree. She continues to speak around the nation to schools on the dangers and consequences of drunk driving. She has received a position as an Ambassador for her law school for her campaign “How to Save a Life”.

Meeshalle Jackson
Meeshalle is a student at St. Petersburg College plus works full time at the school as a “Student Life Assistant” pursuing a career in Sustainable Management. As a Sustainable Management major she has found that sustainability has three branches, the environment, the needs of the present and future generations and the economy. She is inspired to push the limits of knowledge and identify ways in which she can go beyond her own boundaries. By helping shape our world to be a better place for now and the future.

Lisa Stevens
Lisa is enrolled at St. Petersburg College in the Tarpon Springs campus. Is a single mom of two children working full time and going to college. Both of her children are also in college, 1 son at the same college. This is her fifth semester and holds a 4.0 GPS, very impressive. She is working towards acceptance into the Accelerated Master’s Degree Program in Speech Pathology at the University of Central Florida. Lisa is a very hard worker and dedicated to the American Dream. Work hard, get a degree, and you’ll make your dreams come true.

Christna Oscar
Christna is currently a full time student at Hillsborough Community College and working towards being accepted in a nursing program. Her career goal is to become a Neonatal Pediatric Nurse Practitioner to care for premature infants. She goes to school, works part time to help her family plus volunteers in the community and with hospice. She is a strong and determined young woman who is striving for a better life.

Angelika Zych
Angelika is a second year law student at Stetson University Law School. After pursuing a career in the Construction Industry she has decided to change her direct a little by going into the law aspect of construction. Her ultimate career goal is to become legal counsel to Tampa Bay Contractors and municipalities to assist the community in responsible land-use and development. She is the first – generation American and college graduate in her family.

Kathy Palmer
Katherine is enrolled in Hillsborough Community College after originally graduating in 1977 and working towards a degree in accounting. She is a single mom working a full time, part time, and volunteer jobs to support herself and young daughter. She was recently in an auto accident and has a brain injury but has not been deterred. She is focused and working hard to make sure she achieves her goals with a positive attitude. She maintains a 4.0 GPA all while still overseeing her daughter school work, activates as well as her own involvement in the community.

Amber Prather
Amber is enrolled at Florida Southern College and expected to graduate in spring of 2014. After she earned an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts with a major in Mass Communications has decided to change her focus to Citrus Horticulture. This is giving her the opportunity to further her own company Eco Health, Inc. which one day will produce health and wellness products made from properly processed fruits and vegetables. Her focus is to promote living a healthy, eco-friendly life style and education for the next generations to come.